The tail end of 2018 saw show producer Rory Gilsenan very sadly diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. Not long after his diagnosis, Rory underwent surgery to remove the tumour and followed a course of chemo- and radiotherapy. Just three months later he graced the show ring again, and has since won two well-deserved Working Hunter titles at the Royal International Horse Show.

Since then, however, Rory’s tumour has returned and he’s faced surgery once again.

Founded by Phil and Julie Middleton, Equine America is now run by brothers Lee and Karl, the former of whom worked for the former showman and producer Roger Stack more than 28 years ago. It was during his time working under Roger that he met Rory, who quickly became both a mentor and older brother figure to Lee.

Like many, family is at the heart of what Lee and Karl do at Equine America. Thanks to this philosophy, they’ve launched their new EA Bloom & Condition Pellets, with 50% of every sale going directly to support Rory and his family as he recovers.

If you, too, would like to help support Rory and his family with a donation, please visit gofundme.com/f/rootingforrory

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