About activequine

activequine brings social riding and challenges to everyone regardless of where they live or how often they ride.

The equestrian community is incredible but what about those that can’t make it to events or those that live remotely? activequine brings this amazing global community into one app with virtual challenges and social features.

Unlimited Rides

Record your rides in the activequine app and share with your friends. activequine works with your favourite tracking app - just take a screenshot and upload.

Discounts and Offers

activequine gives you access to exclusive offers and discounts from trusted partners.

Get Rewarded

Sign up for challenges and get virtual rewards for your achievements including distance and time. For Premium users, you can even get personalised, physical rosettes and awards.

App Screens

Preview a selection of screenshots of the activequine app.

How It Works

Using activequine is easy...


Track your ride using your favourite tracker.


Add your activity to activequine, including photos and videos.


Get virtual and physical rewards for your rides.


Share your activity with friends and other enthusiasts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions frequently asked by our users.

Can I track live on the app?
We wanted to make activequine as accessible as possible to all so you can use any of your favourite trackers for your ride and then add it easily to our app. We're also working on some features to make it easier to link your tracking apps so stay tuned.
What's the difference between the free and premium membership?
Premium members get access to more detailed statistics/reports, exclusive discounts and offers and they can take part in ALL challenges.
How are miles calculated for challenges?
Each mile from every activity will count towards each active challenge you take part in as long as it was completed within the time frame of the challenge.

Download App

activequine is available on both iOS and Android devices. Download now using the links below.


We built activequine to make social riding accessible to everyone. We offer two great value membership types.


  • Add and manage your horses
  • Add and manage your activities
  • Hacking, schooling, dressage and jumping
  • Virtual rewards
  • Take part in charity challenges
  • Marketplace - Browse and Buy
  • Marketplace - Sell
  • Take part in all challenges and leaderboards
  • Stats and reports
  • Exclusive discounts and offers
  • Set your own goals


Download a selection of challenges

Dressage B1

Prix Caprilli

Pole Work